Month: April 2014


This blog is dedicated to all those who have been hurt or affected by the lifestyle that I lived for about 20 years.

In the mid 80’s I became extremely successful in the Jewelry industry. As a Graduate Gemologist in Winnipeg,  I introduced the first computer generated jewelry appraisal.  That was a first for North America and before computers became popular in the home or office.

The service quickly spread throughout the retail jewelry industry in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and North West Ontario.  In those days scheduled jewelry for insurance purposes required an appraisal and with a portable gem lab and computer I was the only appraiser that could appraise jewelry while you watched. I would tour the 3 provinces as the appraiser for 200 jewelry stores.

Working 16 hours a day in the late 1980’s I quickly accumulated wealth in excess of $1000 per day, ever day. This sudden success and the pressures of raising a young family caused the tragic results that I will write about in the next blog. Don’t miss a story that very few have lived to tell.

My ex-wife and 1st born daughter

1985: My ex-wife and 1st born daughter