Scared Straight

So, the old saying that you hear about the illicit drug abuse world is that you have three choices: You quit, die, or go to jail. It was time for me to choose.

The challenge is, what enables you to actually decide to buy into that old saying? In my case it was two fold. I had a couple daughters that left or would be leaving Winnipeg and I had to be able to finance my occasional visits. I was over 50 years old and getting older AND tired of the same daily routine of work then drugs and then sleep.

Although I had never had any medical problems, sickness or emergency issues because of smoking crack, I did notice one important change:  I was increasingly becoming paranoid after just a couple puffs of crack. The room would go quiet. I froze in position and listened for any signs of my room being invaded by police, gangsters, or stranger’s.

I always got high by myself. Only one or two people could say that they saw me smoke crack. Nobody had ever seen me actually purchase the cocaine. I was just growing tired of the routine.

I slowly cut back on my consumption until my daily use was costing only $20 per day. That allowed me two puffs on the pipe but that was still too much to hide the paranoia. Finally, one day in early 2010, I woke up after a night of terror over nothing and decided that I would never ever again use cocaine AGAIN, in any form.


By June of 2010 I had saved a couple thousand dollars for a visit to Vancouver to see my daughter Blair, and younger brother Alan and family. That was my first real vacation since 1992.

Next post we’ll talk about my adventures driving to Vancouver in a Toyota Prius, and the wonderful time that I had. I’ll also discuss the nightmare of a drive home when the Prius blew up in Field, BC.

The next story is hilarious!


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