Vancouver: The Amazing

…..continued from last week.

I woke up In the motel, took back my $200 key deposit, and fired up the Prius so I could begin my adventure in Vancouver. The first task was to drive downtown and pick up my daughter from work.

Once I figured out where she was, I had some time to look around and get a feel for the city. If you have ever been in a park and in the center of a city at the same time, that would describe downtown Vancouver. Nobody is in a rush. Traffic is not heavy (Blair says it is heave). Cycling or walking is preferred. Storefronts are a full block with upper floors of condos or office’s. The downtown has hundreds of towers complied of mostly apartments, condos and offices. You can taste the ocean air from a kilometer away. The center of the city is a haven for buskers and you see no crime at all.

Touring around we walked around the beach front with it’s bars and restaurants. From the balcony of Blairs downtown apartment we could listen to the buskers at the Vancouver Art Gallery. That week it featured Spandy Andy. The nights never end and there is always action anytime of day. Once a week (on Fridays) they have a bike parade that lasts for at least 1 hour. Occasionally they ride through the downtown in the buff. No city like it.

I learned how to drink wine and coke a cola. Beats smoking coke. Every building has underground parking so the streets aren’t congested with cars. They have a super transit system both LRT and conventional. Taxis are always at the ready if needed.

Blair and I took side trips for groceries and walked around the neighborhood. Vancouver is one of the destination cities in the world. You can be in the ocean and across town take a ride up to snow covered Grouse mountain. All in one day. WOW!

With my visit with Blair complete, I started my journey be Coquitlam to visit my brother and his family. The town is one of the bedroom suburbs to access you travel cluttered freeways or if you wish the LRT. The short visit was very nice. The town is self contained and includes lots of green space and wetlands. Shopping centers, parks, and exotic oceanfront gated communities are a short ride away. That was relaxing. So suddenly the time had come to leave my family and begin.the journey home.

The Prius was not running well and even though the coolant and oil were mixing the car’s owner refused the repairs. The adventure back to Winnipeg was about to begin. What an adventure it would be. That is next week’s story. See you then.



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