My Twitter Life

In 2009 I opened a Twitter account. I never started using it until 2013. Until then my social networking experience was strictly Facebook, with friends and family. After posting pictures or posts and liking or sharing the posts of others, I found that FB was not enough to satisfy my thirst to communicate with a wide variety of people with similar tastes (I have a lot to say).

After a while I took the plunge and began to watch Twitter and began reviewing the bios of it’s users. Since I loved the news, especially: political issues, social issues, and current world issues that would have an effect on all of global society, I found Twitter a perfect global fit.

I could also mix in some humor, wisdom, and retweet the the news from others. Because of the multi-generation nature of Twitter, I was able to balance my content for demographic, time of day, and topics of interest to my followers.

I tried that follow back trick. That was a bust. Good for the kids. Not for me. I am satisfied with earning my follower. I have a balance of retweeters, debaters, and acknowledged tweets via favorites.

I love to express informed opinions and debate, with respect, those subjects that are challenged. The biggest problem is to separate local tweets from the global ones. I follow the media, both local (Winnipeg/Canada) and international. I’ve noticed that very few media types follow the average guy. For example: Follow 600 Followers 60000. Some media do in fact leave their ego at the door and follow the average citizen as well as their peers and political hacks.

Recently, Twitter stopped offering the Bing translation features. I had to build my own app to translate those with whom I debate across the world. That is an inconvenience, but I’m sure there is good reason for this. I also can’t understand why Twitter allows this 1 page followback team Tweets. One page or even 2 inches of space is over 140 characters in real terms, and also annoying. That is my biggest beef about the Twitter App. (I only use Twitter on my phone).

The other types of users are during the kiddie hours, people who hardly tweet, tweets of pop stars without clothes and other pseudo porno. These features must be popular because of the 399,000 followers for this demographic.

I tweet a little for all ages during various hours. Each demographic has a prime time. I spend about 6 hours a day with Twitter and try to provide valid and valuable tweets to my followers. I look forward to the retweeters and the following that it come with.

Twitter, you’ve been good to me.




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