Facebook & Twitter Limits

Firstly I am still trying to figure out why the word “Status” is used on Facebook to post.  The word status doesn’t fit most posts however, that’s not the issue.

I received a call from a friend informing me that I was posting too much about the Middle East and it’s various war’s. I was doing too much for my friends comfort.  So what? I don’t complain about my friends regular posting of family pictures of grandchildren, wives,  and family.  It’s very nice and some people enjoy those posts.  


Some people enjoy my news related posts.  Just as much, as a matter of fact.  Then we have the the jokes, cartoons, recipes,  favourite restaurants and whatever.  If you Like a post, hit Like.  If you want to comment, make a comment.  That’s Facebook and unlike Twitter there are no limits.  If you just don’t want to see someone post then unfriend them. SIMPLE.

On Twitter the issues are different. Very few twits actually tweet. Many twits retweet and act like a baby more in a tweet.

I tweet globally, locally and nationally.  My favourite subjects are dependent on where I’m tweeting but I’m an opinionated in all events. I’ll start with a retweet or reply and try to get debates going on my subject matter that I enjoy.

It seems that I get more action on the global side. The local politics in my city of Little #Winnipeg is harder to get twits tweeting. Winnipeg has always been a little backwards. Tweets are mostly complaints about infrastructure, etc…

Twitter will not allow you to follow more than 2000 twits unless your followers exceed that number by 5%. That is a random number and not really correct if you are looking internationally for a following. As such the follow trains are useless. 

Anyways, Facebook and Twitter,  I am what I am and I love the action. Keep it up and don’t whine! 






  1. Isn’t it amazing what people will say about what someone else is doing and all they have to do is simply not look at your posts! OMGosh! My blogs automatically tweet and post to my FB account and I haven’t heard a word nor as anyone from either account visited my blog! LOL I don’t care. That’s their choice just as its my choice to blog or reblog about political things going on. If people want to “put their heads in the sand” so to speak, then that’s their choice. But they can’t say later than they weren’t warned! Keep on keeping on, Leonard vs Life! 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words. Most of social networking has always had their heads in the sand. My opinions are mine and if I get a single positive response I know that I’ve been a success. Peace!

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