The Iron Dome


A couple months ago I was posting on Facebook and Twitter about the Genocide (ethnic cleansing) that was occurring in Syria. I would post about ISIS or ISIL. The response was excellent from the Arab world. Here in America and Canada, nobody even stopped to read the writing on the wall.

A month ago, when Hamas started up with the rocket fire into Israel, the whole world media, social and otherwise, jumped on the bandwagon and vilified the Israelis for killing women and children. All Israel was doing was returning fire or defending itself.

Israel would warn the civilian population of Gaza by roof knocking, pamphlets and phone calls of an attack and advise evacuation.

Meanwhile back in Syria and Iraq ISIS was slaughtering 100’s of civilians all day and a very day. The media still didn’t get it. Total deaths in the 500,000 range and not a peep from the media.

Meanwhile back in Israel, the IDF had purchased a Patriot missile system from the USA years before but It’s accuracy was only about 75%. Not good enough. So Israel developed a highly improved system of rocket defense and called this system the Iron Dome.


The accuracy of the Iron Dome is set at 93%. It was developed in conjunction with the USA who may need to USE IT IN THE NEAR FUTURE.

After thousands of rockets had been fired into Israel with little effect and just a few deaths and injuries, Hamas was ready to ceasefire and regroup.

The Iron Dome is being developed to eliminate ICBM long range missiles, and a laser system to knock mortars out of the air is in Beta test mode. If the free world ever needs defense. Israel best be your Friend.

Meanwhile, the truth about Gaza and the UN is finally hitting the media. The wasted money on tunnels, the UN schools as missile storage depots, etc…

Now, why all of the sudden the interest in Iraq? Christians and Shea being slaughtered by the 1000s. Killed and overrun by ISIS with American weapons taken from the American trained Iraqi forces.

Remember that ISIS is a Sunni group dedicated to creating a Sunni Muslim nation under Sharia law.

ISIS IS THE ISLAMIC STATE SOMETIMES CALLED ISIL which means Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

Levant includes Israel. It also includes Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and North Africa. The focus now is on the Kurdish and other minorities. The future does not look good and the American people have offered too little too late.

Israel can take care of itself. It has the Iron Dome and other surprises. It remains the only true democracy in the middle east. Common sense and the vision of Muslims killing Muslims should define the real enemy of the free world.




Even though this blog is a collection of life stories, the madness in the Ukraine and in the Gaza Strip has me upset enough to deviate, slightly, this week.

The Gaza and Hamas are active missions that require no further comment at this time.

My focus today is Russia and the Ukraine. How in heavens name can either country allow an indignity of abuse to the dead as these countries have?

After 3 days in a field, they toss the recovered bodies into refrigerated cars but they don’t claim that the refrigeration is working.

The rebels continue to collect body parts including the odd body that has been laying in the sun for days. What kind of people are they?

I would call them animals. Finally, the recovered black boxes have been turned over to the Malaysia authorities. Meanwhile, the hunt for bodies continues not for dignity, but for credit cards, valuables, and whatever else those animals can grab. This has become a treasure hunt. The inspectors, meanwhile, wait for the all clear to begin the investigation and the train has left with the bodies.

No international country has rushed to the assistance of Malaysia. The world’s power has only rhetoric to offer. A LOT of talk. No action.

Now let me make it clear: Most international airlines do not fly that route. The Captain’s have the final say and will never fly a passenger jet over a war zone at any altitude. Malaysia followed the ICAO directives that do not include that war zone. ICAO has changed since then.

One had to wonder why Putin claims no responsibility even though his military supplied the rebels with a missile launcher. No matter who shot it down – Ukraine or Russia – it’s their responsibility to seal the crash scene and safely admit the inspectors and recovery staff. Both countries have acted like animals and irresponsible children. The world watches in horror turns of the TV and goes to a protest about Gaza and Israel. The world powers hold another news conference.


Pic: Mashable

Pic: Mashable